Planning Your YouCantrol Website

In addition to photos and text, there is so much more that goes into a website. Before jumping onto the computer, we recommend investing a little time to plan your website. It will help keep you focused and save you a lot of time in the process. Here are 3 simple steps to planning your YouCantrol website.

Step 1: Create an outline

Write out a list of all the things you want your website to say and do. Then organize them into a simple outline. Keep the descriptions brief.

Important Note: Organize the list giving priority to the benefits—how will your products or services solve someones problems? An "About us" page is important, but a potential customer might only read it after they are convinced you can help them. The About Us, will help give them confidence in your ability to help them. Don't forget a call to action on the About Us page!

Example of a website Outline:

1. Home page
(Displays the logo, phone number, customer testimonials, brief description of our services, benefits of our services, request for quote button)

2. Our Services (general description of our services)

A. Commercial Services (sub page)
B. Residential Services (sub Page)

3. About Us (our history and mission)

A. Team Bios (4 partners photos and credentials) (sub page)


4. Contact Us (a simple form for quick contact and a detailed form for a request for quote)

Step 2: Sketch out a flow chart

This is a basically a visual version of your outline to help keep you organized. There's all kinds of sophisticated software to help create flowcharts, but I prefer the old school paper and pencil method to save time. It doesn't have to be pretty. Here's an example of the above outline in flow chart form:

YouCantrol website flowchart



Step 3: Sketch out your Home Page

No need to worry about impressive art skills here. The object is to place the items from your outline into a layout that makes sense for your visitors. Studies show that the upper left area of your website is the first place a visitor's eyes go when they arrive at your site.  You will see in this sketch that in the upper left corner a visitor will see your logo and tagline, a testimonial from your best client (which builds confidence) and a creative headline about how you can solve their problem. Everything else on the page should support these points.

YouCantrol Home Page sample 


Our creative team at Creatovision is here to help you with the development of your website. From the planning stages to writing text, finding photos and even building your site, we're here for you. Contact us for an estimate.

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